Canada’s Prime Minister Admits He Wants To Ban Guns

Canada's Prime Minister Admits He Wants To Ban Guns

World Leader ADMITS Plan To Ban All Guns

( – Canada’s liberal premier slipped up on Tuesday and apparently admitted that he’s planning a ban on guns. Many Canadians are gun owners, but ultra-liberal Justin Trudeau has launched a series of assaults on firearm ownership since 2020. Has he just revealed his end game?

Speaking at a press conference on July 5, Trudeau talked about his “most recent initiatives on banning — sorry, on freezing the market for firearms.” That raised some eyebrows because the initiative he was talking about only froze sales of handguns, not all firearms. Most privately-owned firearms in Canada are long guns; around 16% of households have at least one, but only 3% have a handgun. If Trudeau plans to expand the freeze to long guns, that will affect most Canadian gun owners.

The pistol sales freeze is Trudeau’s second major crackdown on gun ownership, and like the first — the May 2020 ban on most modern sporting rifles — it was prompted by a mass shooting. However, if his aim was to protect the public, the new laws don’t make a lot of sense. The 2020 rifle ban was his response to a series of shootings in Nova Scotia that mostly involved handguns. The handgun freeze followed this May’s Uvalde, Texas, school shooting, which was carried out with a rifle.

Is Trudeau really trying to protect the public, or is he just grabbing opportunities to increase restrictions? And, was Tuesday’s slip of the tongue an innocent mistake, or a clue to his real intentions? Millions of Canadian gun owners want to know.

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