Can Bloomberg’s Money Buy the DNC Nomination?

Is Bloomberg a Snake?

( – Since the beginning of the year, DNC presidential candidates have been fending for themselves. They do this, in part, by being on the offensive and downplaying their fellow Democrats. Others are taking a more reserved and self-centered approach towards their opposition.

According to President Trump, billionaire Michael Bloomberg may fall into the latter category.

Trump’s analysis is probably spot on given the facts surrounding Bloomberg’s campaign spending strategy. He’s already spent $217 million on his presidential campaign, yet hasn’t attended a single debate. Additionally, Bloomberg already seems to be attempting to price out his competition when it comes to political TV ads.

Bloomberg’s campaign manager, Kevin Sheeky, defended his boss from Trump’s statements:

“Mike Bloomberg is either going to be the nominee or the most important person supporting the Democratic nominee for president. He is dedicated to getting Trump out of the White House.”

It remains to be seen whether Bloomberg is more dedicated to removing President Trump from office or to creating a “legacy” in the 2020 presidential race that he has no hopes of winning.

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