Can Biden’s Campaign Be Salvaged?

Can Biden's Campaign Be Salvaged?

Sleepy Joe Biden hasn’t gained the overwhelming traction he expected to when first entering the 2020 presidential race. What he anticipated to be a one-sided stomp over the initial DNC playing field turned into a struggle to maintain his credibility. Joe’s constant reminiscing of his time as Obama’s VP isn’t a winning strategy among radical Liberal voters.

According to Real Clear Politics polling data, Biden has, more or less, stagnated while Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) climbed the ranks to become a serious contender for the presidency.

To combat Warren, other potential underdogs, President Trump AND breathe life into Biden’s campaign, a new super PAC has formed to funnel money into his nearly-dry coffers.

This move met with mixed views at best with some Liberals outright denouncing the funding plan. Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) publicly slammed Biden for relying on super PAC money to stay alive in the 2020 presidential race.

Unite the Country treasurer Larry Rasky justified this strategy during a recent interview. They’re trying to “level the playing field” for Biden while operating under the assumption that Biden will win the DNC nomination. Still, Sleepy Joe has to compete with the massive amount of funds the RNC and Trump campaign have raised to pour into the 2020 race. We wish them luck…

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