California Unveils Dangerous New Book Bill

California Unveils Dangerous New Book Bill

( – Despite a growing national backlash against teaching woke ideologies in schools, California Democrats have decided to double down on the controversial trend. Radical state legislators are pushing a new bill that wouldn’t just allow schools to stock far-left books; it would require them to do it.

The latest fashionable left-wing cause is the campaign against so-called book bans in red states. According to liberals, Republicans like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are banning books they don’t like. In fact, DeSantis has just prevented schools from putting books that violate obscenity laws in their libraries, but the Left is trying to portray this as an assault on free speech.

California, predictably, has been extra critical of DeSantis, although this has backfired; for example Governor Gavin Newsom (D) claimed Harper Lee’s classic “To Kill A Mockingbird” was on Florida’s “banned” list. In fact, the book is on Florida’s recommended reading list for 8th graders — but it is banned in solidly blue Los Angeles.

However, the real battleground here is over books that teach gender ideology. DeSantis has hit back at his critics by revealing details of some of the books he doesn’t want in schools — and some of them are so explicit that Twitter put content warnings on them.

That doesn’t matter to California Assemblyman Corey Jackson (D), though. He’s put forward a bill that would require all public and charter schools in the state to hold books about “people of all gender expressions.” Even worse, it would require the state education board to approve (or ban) certain books in school classrooms and libraries.

That board would have to select books that “emphasize diversity.” Jackson says his bill is needed “to combat the National Christian White Supremacist Movement,” even though this movement only seems to exist in his own head. Yet again, California is putting far-left ideology ahead of the needs of its residents. Meanwhile, those residents continue to pack up and move to red states.

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