California to Track Homeless in Massive Database

California to Track Homeless in Massive Database

( – Many consider the homelessness issue in California to be a massive problem, if not an epidemic. However, the state has yet to do much to tackle the situation. Now that California has become a national embarrassment, Gov. Gavin Newsom just announced that the state will create a database to track the homeless.

Of course, tracking the homeless isn’t as easy as Newsom is making it out to be, and it doesn’t help those who are on the streets. If we’re giving Newsom the benefit of the doubt, maybe he wants as much information about the problem as possible before making any sweeping policy decisions. However, he’s had more than enough time to deal with the issue before now.

California’s homelessness problem caught the attention of President Trump multiple times last year. Here’s hoping the “database” translates into real help for these people.


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