California to Reopen — Slowly

California to Reopen -- Slowly

( – President Donald Trump set the stage for states to reopen their economies when they see fit. According to Governor Gavin Newsom, that time has come for California. The first state to issue stay-at-home orders and the most populated state in the country is finally coming back online.

Here’s what’s set to reopen as of May 8:

  • Retailers for products like books, sporting goods, clothing, home and furniture, etc. can do deliveries and curbside pickups – no in-store shopping
  • Manufacturing, warehouses, construction, auto dealers and rentals, and other industries can open with workers spaced from one another and using personal protective equipment (PPE)

Businesses to remain closed include gyms, restaurants, offices, public beaches without approval, bars, and in-person church services. Not all areas of the state are re-opening, though. Los Angeles and San Diego County will be following the guidelines, while San Francisco is delaying by at least 10 days.

California is the fifth-largest economy in the world, so having it become fully operational again would help the US tremendously. Although the state is a mixed bag when it comes to reopening, at least some areas of it are coming back online. Hopefully it, and the rest of the nation, can get back to business as usual quickly and prevent further economic devastation.

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