California School Under Fire for “No Whites” Playdate

( – US schools have become battlegrounds as the frontlines are drawn in a rising war between parents, educators, and governmental officials. Frequently, alliances are formed with two of those entities against the remaining one. The State of California has become one of the largest combat zones in this ongoing clash due largely to underrepresentation by Conservatives in densely populated areas.

For instance, Right Wing recently reported on an ongoing battle between the California Attorney General’s Office and an alliance of parents and school district officials attempting to protect their interests. Officials with the Chino Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) enacted a common sense policy mandating parental notification if a student requests permission to identify with a gender other than the one denoted on school records or their birth certificates. However, Attorney General Rob Bonta filed a lawsuit against the CVUSD School Board on August 20 to dismantle that program — against parents’ wishes.

LGBTQ+ issues aren’t the only basis for problems these days in California. With woke culture on the rise, just about anything can create problems.

California School Under Fire for Exclusionary Playdate Social

For some inexplicable reason, a school located in a northern suburb of Oakland decided to host an event that deliberately excluded white pupils. On August 26, the Anthony Chabot Elementary School held a so-called Playdate Social for “black, brown, and API families,” a woke term denoting Asian/Pacific Islanders. Ironically, or perhaps all too predictably, the school’s Equity and Inclusion Committee hosted the event. (Perhaps the group should change its name to Equity and Exclusion Committee?!)

A poster promoting the event invited families that identify as members of those three groups, but not any whites, to “come hang out… [get] to know each other and build our community.” It also invited parents or caregivers of black, brown, or API students to attend. However, white students and their parents/caregivers were excluded from the festivities. Looking at the bright side, attendees enjoyed “fun games, light snacks, and drinks.”

The event went off without a hitch, but perhaps there’s a greater lesson to be learned from this situation other than that, apparently, white students and their parents/caregivers don’t appear very welcome at school functions.

Winners and Losers

All too often, children become the losers in the drawn-out battles between adults. In this case, Chabot Elementary School had to send students home a few days after the Playdate Social when officials received a credible bomb threat.

Police officers stormed the campus, undoubtedly frightening the children, and evacuated the facility. School officials canceled classes; deputies and bomb-sniffing dogs from the nearby Alameda County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene; and — of course — special agents from the FBI quickly interjected themselves into the middle of the fray.

School resumed without incident the following day, but that situation serves as a notice for us all. Perhaps it’s time for parents to start acting their age and return to behaving as the adults in the room. Maybe it’s time for woke school officials and government entities to step back and give parents a say in what happens to their children during school hours. What do you think?

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