California Governor Vetos Environmentalist Bill

California Governor Vetos Environmentalist Bill

California has a long and convoluted history over its natural resources. As one of the most geographically diverse states in America, environmentalists believe that preserving nature is the best utilization of those resources. However, California is the breadbasket of the nation, meaning that agricultural priorities need to be taken into account.

Primarily, Cali’s agriculture infrastructure relies on vast amounts of water. Over the years, the state has siphoned many rivers and lakes to pump directly into farms. Many natural bodies of water no longer exist, and cannot come back, due to the over-siphoning of water.

So, when a new state Senate bill that promotes clean air, water and protects endangered species is passed, it’s expected that Governor Gavin Newsom would sign it into law. He didn’t, which is causing a rift between top Democrats running the state. Gavin gave into special interest groups that are notorious for stealing water across the state.

Coincidentally, the Senate bill would have “protected” California from Trump’s attempt to dismantle environmental protection protocols. So, Gavin, an outspoken critic of Trump, chose to side with Trump’s environmental policies to keep California’s big agriculture businesses in operation. Gavin was doomed if he sided with Trump and doomed if he didn’t.

Aside from Trump’s potential involvement in California politics, the state has been mismanaging its natural resources for years. Environmentalists don’t prune their forests enough, which leads to an increased risk of forest fires. But, bodies of water need to be preserved in some fashion to keep California’s beautiful scenery and ecosystems intact.

There only seems to be “best solutions” and no “right answers” for California lawmakers to ensure the prosperity of their state.

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