California Liberals Ditches Coal — Is Gas Next?

California Ditches Coal; Pays the Price

The ultra-liberal state of California has implemented a number of measures in an attempt to combat climate change. Legislators have passed laws ranging from limiting the usage of plastic straws in restaurants to banning coal as a power source. California’s goal is to become carbon-neutral when it comes to energy production.

Of course, all of this is happening without regard to neighboring states. While roughly 50% of California’s energy comes from renewable sources, the state had to import 25% of its energy in 2010. That figure jumped up to 33% as of 2016, and it continues to climb.

California may become carbon-neutral one day, but its neighbors certainly won’t.

The banning of coal isn’t far enough, though; the Golden State is now attempting to remove natural gas from its list of power sources. Thankfully, gas suppliers like Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) are fighting back. SoCalGas provides reliable natural gas to almost 22 million residents in the lower half of California.

Over 100 cities and counties have joined the cause for SoCalGas to remain in business and supply its customers with stable and reliable service.

What the Liberal elitist California leaders don’t seem to realize is the people need energy. If coal and gas are no longer an option, what does that do to the already overloaded electrical infrastructure? The state can’t supply enough solar or wind power to run even a small city, nuclear energy is far from feasible (and do you really want MORE nuclear reactors in a state rife with fault lines?).

While wanting a cleaner environment is an admirable cause, how about Democrats come up with credible, workable solutions BEFORE they start restricting the current the status quo.

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