California City Tests Handouts

California City Tests Handouts

( – A California city is now experimenting with an outright socialist policy.

The city of Stockton is piloting a universal basic income (UBI) program that will provide 125 residents with $500 per month for 18 months to test this idea on the ground floor. Many of these participants are low-income individuals. The idea is that Stockton might be able to stimulate its economy by giving away money to residents.

Stockton is known for its almond and grape production. It also became the nation’s largest municipality to go bankrupt at the time in 2012, so not everyone is convinced that this program will work, or if it’s even sustainable. It’s not just Stockton starting up a UBI program, either.

This is what happens when far-left political figures force themselves into the public discourse. No one really talked about UBI until Andrew Yang showed up in the DNC presidential field for a short time. Now, people are considering the policies of a presidential nominee who couldn’t make it to Super Tuesday let alone the White House.

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