California Billboards Warn Residents Not To Flee to Texas

California Billboards Warn Residents Not To Flee to Texas

PHOTOS – These Bizarre Billboards Are Popping Up All Over California

( – A quarter of a million Californians left the state in 2020-2021, with almost a third of them relocating to Texas. The outflow to red states is one of the most dramatic signs of California’s political decline. Now someone is trying to stop the exodus — by posting bizarre billboards.

Last week, residents in San Francisco and Los Angeles were left baffled by new billboards that appeared across the cities. The signs have an image of a sinister figure in a hoodie and red sunglasses, flanking the words “Don’t mess with Texas” — struck through with a red cross — then a huge slogan reading “The Texas Miracle Died In Uvalde.” Just in case anyone missed the message, more text at the bottom says, “Don’t move to Texas.”

The reference to the May 24, Robb Elementary School shooting, which left 19 kids and two teachers dead, has left many Californians disturbed. Professor Matt Cabot, who teaches public relations at San Jose State University, said the billboards show bad judgment. “This is the lowest of the low,” he said, slamming the images as bizarre and amateurish. He added, “I’m not sure if it will even backfire because I’m not sure what it’s designed to do.”

Others are equally confused about what the aim is. On the face of it, the signs are an attempt to persuade Californians not to flee to Texas — but who is behind them? Users on Reddit speculated that Texas itself created the design “to deter Californian expatriates from turning their state blue.” Does that make sense? It’s hard to say. Meanwhile, the company that leases the billboards, Chicago-based FoxPointMedia, isn’t saying who rented the space from them. For now, it’s a mystery.

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