CA Suing Schools for Communicating With Parents

( – California is known for its so-called sanctuary cities — liberal municipalities offering illegal migrants refuge from federal authorities. The state’s Democratic attorney general recently extended that principle to aspiring LGBTQ+ children by suing schools for communicating with their parents.

On August 20, the Golden State’s top law enforcement official, Attorney General Rob Bonta, announced his decision to file a lawsuit against the Chino Valley Unified School District (CVUSD). The 23-page complaint asks a San Bernardino County Superior Court judge to issue a ruling declaring that the CVUSD’s recently adopted gender-identity disclosure program violates the California Constitution and state laws safeguarding civil rights.

The radical leftist attorney general also asked the court to permanently enjoin CVUSD officials from enforcing Policy 5020.1‘s parental notification mandates and documenting related information in students’ school records.

Adopted on July 20, the policy requires district schools to notify parents when a pupil requests permission to use a proper noun or pronoun inconsistent with school records or their birth certificate. Likewise, the new rule mandates parental notification if a student wants to use facilities or participate in programs that don’t align with the gender listed on those official documents.

Bonta claims enforcement of Policy 5020.1 has already caused psychological, mental, emotional, and physical harm to LGBTQ+ students. His lawsuit also maintains that the unconstitutional enforcement of the parental notification mandate would lead to further injury if the court doesn’t halt the program.

CVUSD Spokesperson Andi Johnston disputed the attorney general’s claims. She told the Los Angeles Times that the new policy “does protect…students.” Johnston stressed that the new program requires teachers and district staff members to notify law enforcement officials or child protective services if a student “believes they are in danger” or have suffered any harm at home due to their gender identity.

Sonja Shaw, the CVUSD’s board president, echoed that sentiment. She accused Bonta, Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, and Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond of being members of a “political cartel” promoting the “perversion” of students by mandating LGBTQ+-friendly policies.

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