C-SPAN and Fox News Set New Records With RNC Coverage

C-SPAN and Fox News Set New Records With RNC Coverage

(RightWing.org) – There’s a narrative on the Left that President Donald Trump may be suffering from an enthusiasm problem. It started to spread through the media in June when the president’s rally in Tulsa, OK had some empty seats. Now, viewership ratings for the Republican National Convention (RNC) and Democratic National Convention (DNC) are destroying those talking points.

According to The Hill, C-SPAN’s livestream of the RNC has been viewed more than 400,000 times, compared to just 76,000 for the DNC.

Further, Nielsen Media Research’s numbers show Joe Biden’s speech on August 20 was viewed by 21.8 million people, down 21% from Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech in 2016.

It seems as if the only candidate with an enthusiasm problem is Biden. President Trump’s support among Republican voters is still incredibly strong. Also, a new YouGov/CBS poll shows he’s leading the former vice president with Independent voters in battleground states, as well.

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