Buttigieg’s Past Haunts Him

Buttigieg's Past Haunts Him

The battle for a politician to draw in support from outside of their base is a difficult one. In the case of Democrat voters, one of the most sought after demographics are African-Americans. So, whichever Democrat candidate gets a large amount of the African-American voting base’s support gains a significant advantage over their opponents.

That advantage is exactly what South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg is struggling to obtain due to his past.

During June 2019, controversy broke out around Buttigieg abandoning his town in a time of need. A police officer shot a black man wielding a knife, which was already a tragic event that made racial tensions worse. However, instead of consoling and aiding South Bend with the healing process, Buttigieg prioritized his presidential campaign.

Thus, it’s of little surprise that he’s polling at nearly 0% among black voters.

Knowing this, Buttigieg attempted to manufacture support for his plan to help empower African-Americans by lying about the amount of black support he had for it. People caught on, especially those who supposedly endorsed this policy.

Not surprisingly, another Dem gets exposed in their spider web of lies and deceit.

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