Buttigieg Throws Stones From His Glass House

Buttigieg Throws Stones From His Glass House

The fact that Democrats don’t like President Trump isn’t a surprise. Honestly, what DON’T they hate?

What makes DNC candidate Pete Buttigieg’s most recent comments different is his audacity. The Indiana mayor mentioned during an interview that he doesn’t respect Trump — no surprise. However, Pete claims that he truly knows Trump by stating “At a deeper level, I don’t think he respects himself.”

This blatantly personal and dishonest attack against Trump comes from a man who doesn’t have his own house in order. Pete’s mayorship is turning out to be a failure and he’s only polling at 7% nationally among DNC candidates. Pete is ultimately a political failure, yet he has the false confidence to attack one of the most successful presidents in our nation’s history.

Insulting Trump’s character is a key strategy among countless Democrats — don’t fall for it.

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