Buttigieg Staffer Wants Urine Thrown at GOP Congressman

A left-wing activist who’s allegedly going to work for Democrat presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg has called for urine to be thrown over a Republican congressman. The message, which was posted on Facebook, is the latest example of left-wing political bullying that started with terror groups like Antifa but is quickly becoming mainstream.


In early June, Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) became the latest victim of the leftist trend of throwing milkshakes over political opponents. Now the campaign teams of mainstream Democrats are openly supporting these authoritarian thugs.

  • Samantha Pollara, a vocal leftist, launched an aggressive social media storm recently. In the course of it, she referenced the assault on Gaetz, saying “Please, please let it be urine next time…”
  • An investigation revealed that, according to Pollara’s LinkedIn page, she’s the “Florida Regional Investment Director at Pete Buttigieg for America.”
  • In discovering this, Rep. Gaetz sent a tweet to Buttigieg, saying “this is a reply from a member of your campaign inciting (rather gross) violence against me after someone previously threw a drink on me. Is this what your campaign stands for?”
  • A few hours later Gaetz posted another tweet to say that Pollara had called him to apologize.
  • Meanwhile, journalist Andy Ngo is in hospital in Portland after being attacked with milkshakes by Antifa in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday — except these “milkshakes” had been filled with quick-drying cement. Ngo suffered serious injuries during the assault, including a brain hemorrhage.
  • So far, Buttigieg’s campaign team hasn’t replied to questions from the media. As of Tuesday, Pollara’s LinkedIn page still listed her as part of the campaign.
  • The woman who attacked Gaetz in June, Amanda Kondrateyev, was a candidate in the 2016 Democratic primary for Florida’s 1st Congressional District. She’s also an outspoken member of Antifa and a serial litigant in politically-motivated cases. It seems that, in today’s Democratic Party, taking part in violent terrorism isn’t enough to keep you out of politics. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that people like Pollara, who only support political violence, are so deeply embedded in the Dems’ presidential campaigning.

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