Buttigieg Pretends to Be an Economist

Buttigieg Pretends to Be an Economist

Desperately attempting to appeal to the crowd of moderate Democrats, Pete Buttigieg just unveiled his new “progressive” economic plan.

Buttigieg’s main proposal is to “lower” costs for the average American and the “vital” services they “deserve.” Let’s take a quick glance at the policies he plans to enact if he becomes president before adding up the real price.

Buttigieg wants to:

  • Lower college expenses
  • Lower health care costs
  • Lower prescription drug prices
  • Protect consumer rights?
  • Allow worker income to grow (even though Trump already did that)
  • Enforce a $15 federal minimum wage
  • Hand out paid sick leave
  • Give 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave
  • “Unlock the income power” of women and minorities
  • Take a note from the Green New Deal and create three million clean energy jobs
  • Inflate the power of corrupt unions

Okay, Buttigieg didn’t explicitly mention how worker unions are now a corrupt shell of what they may have once been, that may have been us. However, just this sampling of his economic proposals adds up to the tune of $6.9 trillion in new government spending. Although that’s less than the far-left progressives like Bernie and Warren, it’s still double that of Biden’s proposed spending plans, which are still too high.

Buttigieg’s attempt to cater to both moderates and progressives is too much for the average Democrat voter to swallow.

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