Buttigieg Has a Message for Bloomberg

Buttigieg Has a Message for Bloomberg

(RightWing.org) – After the extremely heated DNC debate this week, shots are still being fired between candidates. This time, Pete Buttigieg has called for Michael Bloomberg to drop out of the race. His reasoning: Buttigieg thinks that Bloomberg is only helping Sanders grow an insurmountable lead over other DNC candidates and eventually lose to Trump.

This might be the worst idea Buttigieg has had yet!

If Sanders were to go against President Trump on the debate stage, it seems all but certain that the self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist would be laughed off of the stage. Even if he weren’t, Trump and his record of economic success could mop the floor with someone who wants to bring up tried and failed economic policies.


Yes, Bloomberg should, in fact, stay in the race to help Sanders win the nomination. Election Day in November will be that much sweeter.

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