Brexit Is Confirmed

Brexit Is Confirmed

( – Roughly four years ago, the United Kingdom’s (UK) populace voted to leave the European Union (EU). Ever since then, the UK has struggled with how to proceed with the dubbed “Brexit” strategy. There were even arguments on whether or not the country should even follow through with Brexit.

That all changed with the final Brexit resolution being passed long after the topic was brought up in 2016. The break became official on Friday, Jan. 31.

President Trump had originally supported the Brexit movement when it was first introduced in the UK parliament. In 2016, he tied our long-time ally’s need to be free of the EU with America’s fight to turn our country around.

While certainly a controversial decision, Brexit’s fulfillment proves that the US and the UK continue to have much in common. Perhaps above all else, both countries share a love of freedom and economic prosperity. So, congrats to UK citizens for taking back their country just like America did!

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