Breaking: Trump Declares National Emergency

Breaking: Trump Declares National Emergency

( – President Trump’s recent address to the nation about his plans to combat COVID-19 was a step in the right direction. Now, he feels that more needs to be done. Trump addressed the nation to declare a national emergency in light of the virus outbreak.

Invoking a national emergency will give Trump access to up to $42 billion in additional funding under the Stafford Act. Under this law, he can provide federal aid directly to states and cities. This kind of additional funding will greatly help America properly deal with the virus.

The president also announced the unprecedented cooperation between the government and commercial entities including retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, Target and CVS as well as medical testing and research facilities. These associations should help facilitate increased testing and treatment for Americans across the country.

Trump has also spoken to French President Emmanuel Macron. They both agreed to host a video conference with world leaders to coordinate their efforts against COVID-19. Given that Dr. Anthony Fauci, part of the coronavirus task force, stated that the current crisis could last up to eight weeks, these new measures are certainly justified and necessary to protect Americans.

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