Breaking Situation at Mar-a-Lago

Breaking Situation at Mar-a-Lago

( – A shooting took place at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort mere hours before the president was scheduled to arrive.

The event kicked off when a woman was reported to be dancing on top of a car parked at a hotel near Mar-a-Lago. When police went to investigate, she and a second woman jumped into a black SUV and drove through two Mar-a-Lago security checkpoints. Each checkpoint was filled with concrete barriers and armed security guards.

Police opened fire on the SUV after it broke through the first checkpoint. Eventually, the two women were taken into custody. It remains unclear if anyone was injured during the chase as the SUV is riddled with bullet holes.

Investigations are still ongoing into this very strange, though seemingly harmless, situation. We’ll keep you informed as substantial details develop and the motives behind the two women’s actions are uncovered.

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