BREAKING NEWS: Theresa May Resigns

Theresa May Resigns

BREAKING NEWS: Theresa May Resigns
British Prime Minister Theresa May has finally bowed to the inevitable and announced that she’ll quit early next month. The Conservative Party leader has been facing calls to go — from voters, parliament and even her own cabinet — for months, following her disastrous bungling of the Brexit negotiations. The last straw came Tuesday night when she tried to go over the heads of her own party and agree on a compromise with Marxist opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn rejected her — and now so has everyone else.


Theresa May, leader of the Conservative Party and Member of Parliament for Maidenhead, was handed the keys to 10 Downing Street to get one job done: leave the European Union, as British voters had decided on June 23, 2016. Through a series of bad judgments, unwise compromises and deceptive maneuvers, she totally failed to achieve that. Her party and country finally ran out of patience on Wednesday.

  • May supported Remain in the 2016 vote on leaving the EU, but thanks to blunders by her opponents she managed to replace David Cameron as prime minister in July 2016.
  • The Brexit vote was a populist uprising very like the one that put President Trump in the White House — ordinary working people finally saying they’d had enough of being ruled by a remote establishment of career politicians. After 43 years in a European superstate, the British had had enough of it and wanted out. May’s job was to deliver that.
  • However, it soon became obvious that May had no intention of draining the swamp. In fact, she was one of the wettest, stickiest patches of it.
  • May quickly decided to let the EU set the order of the negotiations, agreeing to make a string of concessions and a huge cash payment while getting nothing for the UK in return. Whenever the EU demanded something else from her, she caved in and delivered it.
  • Meanwhile, she displayed a streak of iron ruthlessness with her own party, regularly sacking cabinet ministers who tried to stand up for the people who’d voted to leave. Those she didn’t sack were often forced to resign out of principle, as May reneged on even more of her promises.
  • President Trump has always been clear that the UK is America’s closest ally and that a bold new trade deal between the two countries is one of his priorities. May worked actively to sabotage that, promising to keep Britain aligned with European laws — many of them written specifically to keep US goods out of the continent.
  • On Tuesday, the hapless prime minister finally attempted a betrayal too far. In a final attempt to get her hated Withdrawal Agreement through parliament — it had already been rejected three times — she promised her leftist opponents a second referendum aimed at reversing the result of the first one. Her cabinet finally turned on her and told her enough was enough.
  • Hopefully, with May gone, the UK will now be led by someone who shares our own president’s vision of free trade between strong, independent nations. The days of rule by an unaccountable, unelected establishment are over, and Theresa May’s resignation is just the latest indication.