Breaking: Multiple Attacks On US Military Bases

Breaking: Multiple Attacks On US Military Bases

Unfortunately, we have to round off this week with tragic news. Two shootings have taken place on US military bases, leaving a total of at least seven dead and even more wounded.

Pearl Harbor

The first shooting occurred at Pearl Harbor, only days before the 78th anniversary of the Japanese attack that led to US involvement in WWII. Gabriel Romero, the shooter, and an active sailor opened fire on three civilian workers with his M-4 service rifle before turning his service pistol on himself. The shooting resulted in three dead, including the shooter, and one wounded, who’s in stable condition.

Romero was assigned to the submarine USS Columbia. He also reportedly was undergoing disciplinary review and was, at the time, attending anger management classes. Authorities are still investigating and searching for a potential motivation behind the shooting.


Another shooting took place later in the week at a Naval air station in Pensacola, Florida. The suspect is believed to be a Saudi national who was in training for the military, though his identity has not yet been released. It took place within a classroom on the base.

The gunman died during the firefight, but not before killing three and wounding at least seven others. Currently, investigations seem to indicate that the shooter acted alone.

Both of these tragedies are developing stories. No US service member should live in fear of witnessing a mass shooting by one of their own.

So, please take a moment and join us to pray for the families of the victims, the survivors and everyone afflicted by these senseless acts of violence.

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