Breaking: House Rushed Impeachment Articles

Breaking: House Rushed Impeachment Articles

Well, if the Dems haven’t already made a mess of this impeachment circus, they’ve done it now.

The House Judiciary Committee only gave America ONE day to process and digest its proposed articles of impeachment. The initial hearing of the matter on Thursday lasted around 14 hours before Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) deemed the case closed. Instead of awaiting feedback or giving any consideration to the notion of altering their stance, it passed both impeachment articles.

Apparently, the Judiciary Committee couldn’t be bothered to deliberate the matter any further.

Nadler called for the vote mere minutes after Friday’s meeting started. The articles passed with a vote of 23-17 along party lines. Now, the impeachment proceedings will head to the House at large to determine the next step.

The committee group even made a little Twitter video to go along with this farce.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham immediately defended Trump by saying

“The President looks forward to receiving in the Senate the fair treatment and due process which continues to be disgracefully denied to him by the House.”

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