Breaking: Chaos in Iran

Breaking: Chaos in Iran

While many expected Iran to become violent given enough time, nothing could have prepared the world for what happened last night. A string of destructive, yet seemingly unconnected, events took place that threw the region and social media into a furor over the past 24 hours. Here’s a quick recap of the chaos now surrounding Iran.

Iranian military forces launched missile strikes against two US military bases in Iraq.

President Trump tweeted saying that “All is well!” He will address the nation with a status report and any plans he has in mind.

Then, a Ukranian plane carrying 180 passengers caught on fire and crashed near Imam, Iran. Initial reports couldn’t determine what caused the plane crash or if there are any survivors.

Finally, a 4.9 magnitude earthquake struck close to a nuclear power plant in Bushehr. An analysis revealed that the earthquake was due to natural causes and resulted in little if any, damage.

Chaos was seemingly bound to happen in the Middle East, whether it be by human hands or by nature.

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