Breaking: Bernie Drops Out

Breaking: Bernie Drops Out

( – Whether or not you expected Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) to drop out of the presidential race, his decision is making waves across news outlets and social media. He began his journey as part of a field of over 20 DNC candidates last year which was whittled down to just Sanders and Joe Biden a few weeks ago. After Biden gained a plethora of endorsements and a substantial delegate lead, the writing was on the wall. Sanders finally accepted the reality of his presidential bid and called it off today on April, 8.

Trump chimed in on the monumental announcement.

Sanders hosted a short live stream on Twitch, a live-streaming platform, to give his announcement that was then shared on YouTube.

Biden supporters called countless times for weeks and months for Sanders to drop out of the race to avoid endangering the lives of voters. They argued that prolonging the primary when he had no chance of winning the nomination only served to increase the potential spread of COVID-19 and took focus away from the campaign against President Trump. It seems that Bernie took all of this to heart when he dropped out — too bad it was a day late for Wisconsin voters who trudged to the polls yesterday.

Of course, hypocritical Biden supporters were notably silent when his campaign asked people to vote if they were not showing symptoms, especially when up to 50% of those with COVID-19 don’t show symptoms.

Sanders continues to support the futile movement he started even though he’s out of the presidential race, but now it’s Biden against Trump going into November. It remains to be seen if Sanders and the “Bernie Bros” will actively support Biden or opt-out like they did in 2016.

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