“Brady Bunch” Star Speaks Up After Affair Rumors

(RightWing.org) – A star of “The Brady Bunch” has spoken out about long-running rumors linked to the popular 1970s sitcom. For years some people have speculated that two of the actors had an affair during the show’s run. Now a third member of the cast has dismissed that story.

“The Brady Bunch” ran from 1969 to 1974, and it’s still being shown somewhere on US TV every day of the year. The show is still popular almost 50 years after the last episode aired, but some rumors about its cast have been just as long-lived.

Specifically, some people believe Florence Henderson, who played mom Carol Brady, had an affair with Barry Williams, who played the oldest son, Greg Brady. Last year producer Lloyd Schwartz attempted to finally kill that rumor, telling Fox News that it started because Williams’s father once took Henderson’s children to see a singer. He said it was “all smoke and mirrors,” but the story persisted.

Now Susan Olsen, who played Cindy Brady, is having another try at putting the scandal to rest. In a new interview with Fox, she said Williams, who was just 15 when the show started, had a crush on Henderson, who was 20 years older than him. She said Henderson was “very kind” and let Williams take her out for her birthday but insisted it was “completely innocent.”

Henderson, who died in 2016, was open about the fact Williams had taken her to see a singer; she also denied being “the Cher of the TV mom set.” Olsen added that she dislikes the rumor and said there was nothing between Williams and Henderson “except for mutual love and respect.”


Olsen also cleared up another rumor — this one about her own death. The former star, who quit acting at the age of 23, said that since another girl called Susan Olsen died in a school bus accident decades ago, “There were always rumors that I was dead… It made me feel like Paul McCartney.” It’s now obvious that rumor isn’t true, and hopefully, Olsen has finally ended the other one too.

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