Booker Announces 2020 Presidential Run

Rep. Elijah Cummings Dead at 68

Registered Democrats are going to have plenty of choices for their party’s 2020 presidential candidate, and it looks like they’ll have all the diversity boxes checked too. Now another challenger has entered the contest – Corey Booker, New Jersey’s first African-American senator. A relatively young contender, and way out on the liberal wing of the Democratic Party, Booker still thinks he has a chance against more experienced rivals.


Cory Anthony Booker, age 49 and currently the junior United States Senator for New Jersey, is one of the latest to announce a run at the presidency in 2020. The race for the Democrat nomination is already promising to be a crowded field – and as well as deciding who challenges President Trump for the White House, it could help shape the future of the Democratic Party itself.

  • Booker is solidly on the liberal wing of his party. Based on his voting record so far, he’s been rated as the third most liberal Senator – and considering how quickly the Democrats are moving to the left, that means he’s very liberal indeed.
  • Among his political positions, Booker is a supporter of socialized healthcare, gay marriage, affirmative action, drug legalization and feminism. He also co-sponsored a bill aimed at restricting executive privilege by limiting the president’s powers to fire a special counsel. He was pretty loud about his support for the 2014 Defense Authorization Act, and it’s more likely that was down to it repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell than for the sake of spending money on our military.
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  • However, Booker doesn’t always vote the far-left ticket. He’s voted in support of tougher sanctions on Iran. He also supports reducing the federal deficit (although the tax-and-spend policies he supports won’t help with that).
  • Born in Washington and raised in New Jersey, Booker makes his African-American origins a key part of his politics and campaigning. It looks like he wants to repeat Obama’s trick of collecting minority votes and those of leftists who are prejudiced against white men.
  • Booker has opposed the trend of personal attacks on political opponents, including condemning the abuse aimed at Mitt Romney from some on the left. That’s unusual from a left-wing Democrat these days. He seems to be a decent enough politician – but that might not be enough to persuade the average American to back his far-left political beliefs.