Bolton Is Next on Dem Hit List

Bolton is Next on Dem Hit List

After issuing subpoenas to many politicians associated with President Trump, Democrats are now turning their eyes to ex-National Security Advisor John Bolton. Bolton caught the Dems’ attention when he felt “uncomfortable” with Rudy Giuliani’s involvement with the entire Ukraine fiasco. Sources indicate that this potential subpoena is more than just a mere possibility.

Giuliani attempted to investigate the Bidens and their connections to Ukrainian interests. For whatever reason, Bolton was unnerved by Guiliani’s actions. Perhaps Bolton didn’t agree with the methodology used to uncover what is almost certainly illegal behavior on the part of Hunter Biden.

Bolton and Trump parted ways on shaky grounds, but loyalty to our president should remain a priority even after exiting his administration. How are we supposed to trust the word of a man who turned his back on the White House? If Bolton gives in to this subpoena and testifies, then we’ll only hear the words of a dishonest politician.

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