Bloomberg Surges As Rivals Plot Attack

Bloomberg Surges As Dem Rivals Plot Attack

( – As his Democrat rivals feared, Mike Bloomberg is trying to spend his way to the party’s nomination — and so far it looks like it’s working for him. A nine-figure splurge on ads and social media has catapulted the Bloomberg campaign front and center in less than three months. Now the other contenders in the leadership race are scrambling for ways to stop his rise.


With an estimated personal wealth of over $60 billion, former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg was never going to need a lengthy fundraising drive before making a run at the White House. However, other Democrat candidates have still been shocked by Bloomberg’s rapid progress towards winning the nomination.

  • Since declaring his candidacy in November, it’s estimated that Bloomberg has already spent close to $340 million on media advertising — and that’s just traditional media. Millions more have gone into social media campaigns.
  • At the start of December, Bloomberg’s poll numbers were an unimpressive 4%. By Tuesday, Feb 18, this had jumped to 19%, making him a serious candidate — and taking him past the threshold needed to take part in the ninth Democratic debate.
  • Bloomberg’s rapid progress has clearly alarmed the other candidates, and verbal attacks on him have increased sharply over the last few days. Senators Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) have been especially vocal.
  • Warren put a brave face on her worries in a Tuesday tweet, saying “It’s a shame Mike Bloomberg can buy his way into the debate,” then going on to claim it will demonstrate how the other candidates can “take on an egomaniac billionaire.”
  • Sanders also accused Bloomberg of leveraging his wealth, vowing “You’re not gonna buy this election.” However, with one recent poll showing Bloomberg in second place and gaining on Sanders, and another showing them already neck-and-neck, Bernie probably isn’t too confident about that.
  • All the other candidates made it clear ahead of Wednesday’s debate that their main target would be Bloomberg. The upstart hasn’t appeared on any ballot yet, and won’t until Super Tuesday on March 3 — but if he keeps on picking up momentum the way he is now, that day could give him up to 40% of the delegates who’ll pick the final candidate.
  • Everyone’s talking about Bloomberg’s money, but his real advantage is that he isn’t tainted by the race to the far-left the other candidates have been trapped in since the contest started. That makes him potentially much more acceptable to moderate and swing voters. The other candidates have dug themselves into a hole, and the window to climb out again is closing.

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