Bloomberg Steps Up Prep For Possible White House Run

Bloomberg Steps Up Prep For Possible White House Run

As if there weren’t already too many desperate candidates scrambling for the Democrat nomination, new ones seem to be entering the race as fast as the more obvious losers drop out. This week, the speculation is all about former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg. Although he hasn’t formally announced his candidacy yet, Bloomberg has filed the paperwork to enter the presidential primaries in Alabama and Arkansas.

Now it looks like Bloomberg is trying to rebuild a few bridges before publicly throwing his hat in the ring. One thing that’s going to cost him a lot of potential urban votes is a lack of trust from African-American and Hispanic voters, and that goes back to policies he pushed through as mayor.

One of Bloomberg’s goals as mayor was to reduce gun crime in NYC, and his main tool for that was the “stop and frisk” program. That allowed police to stop and search people on reasonable suspicion — and the public hated it. Bloomberg pushed it through against the advice of the NYPD, and it’s plagued his reputation ever since.

Speaking at a predominately black church Sunday, Bloomberg announced:

“I got something important wrong. I got something important really wrong.”

He acknowledged that stop and frisk had caused resentment instead of building trust. Will this admission earn him forgiveness? Maybe — but don’t bet on it. New York Police Benevolent Association president Patrick Lynch said, “Mayor Bloomberg could have saved himself this apology if he had just listened to the police officers on the street.”

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