Bloomberg Inadvertently Compliments Trump

Bloomberg Inadvertently Compliments Trump

If Bloomberg is attempting to beat President Trump, then he’s using all of the wrong tactics.

First, Bloomberg News officially announced it would exclusively cover Trump and his apparent shortcomings while ignoring the DNC field. At least it’s open about its bias. Trump commented on this abhorrent attack on our democracy.

In light of this blatant bias, the White House revoked Bloomberg News’ press credentials.

Now, it’s a little more clear why Bloomberg isn’t allowing his “news” organization to cover other DNC candidates. He believes that Trump would “eat them up.”

This entire scenario began as Bloomberg clearly stated his bias and intention to find every possible flaw with our current president. Yet, he seems to acknowledge that Trump could easily win in 2020 given the current field of Democrat presidential candidates. While maybe not intentional, that’s a huge compliment for Trump!

Thank you, Bloomberg, for acknowledging President Trump’s prowess and competency to the American people!

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