Bloomberg Can’t Buy the White House

Bloomberg Can't Buy the White House

( – Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s $500 million experiment just fell flat on its face.

After entering the race late and only being on the ballots for Super Tuesday, his poor performance won him just over 50 delegates in total. Bloomberg has spent more than all other candidates combined and still struggled to break the 20% threshold in a few small states. At least he realized that it’s time to give up the ghost.

In Bloomberg’s most recent campaign statement, he not only officially announced his departure from the race, but also his endorsement of Joe Biden.

This makes the third DNC drop out to throw their weight behind the Biden campaign. This is a major upset for Bernie supporters. But, it’s probably an even bigger upset for Bloomberg fans after looking at the price tag of $500 million attached to his failed campaign. Turns out that, while good business sense can get you into the White House, money can’t.

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