BLM Leader Accused of Abusing 62 Children — Still Director of School Board

BLM Leader Accused of Abusing 62 Children -- Still Has School Board Job

( – A Black Lives Matter leader facing abuse allegations from dozens of children says he’s resuming his duties on a Colorado school board – and blamed racism for the complaints against him.

In late May, Denver school board member and “community activist” Tay Anderson was accused of sexual abuse by 62 Denver high school students as young as 14 years old. Anderson, a registered Democrat, local Black Lives Matter leader and anti-Second Amendment campaigner, stepped back from his seat on the Denver Public Schools board on May 30. Now, he says he’s going to go back to work. He blames the allegations on a “racist hacker” and says he expects to be cleared.

The problem is, the allegations didn’t come from a hacker. The first accusation came from the local BLM chapter, which told the school district a woman had come to them with a complaint of sexual assault. Then, anti-gun group Never Again Colorado, which Anderson used to lead, revealed that he’d behaved “inappropriately” in 2018 while he was the group’s president. Finally, a Denver parent told a state legislative committee that 62 high school students had come to her with complaints against Anderson – with some of them alleging forcible rape.

Of course, Anderson is innocent until proven guilty – but trying to blame it all on racism doesn’t seem like a winning strategy.

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