BLM Chief Goes on Rant

BLM Chief Goes on Rant

( – A leading member of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has launched a public rant against the police and politicians. Hawk Newsome criticized both main parties and repeated BLM’s demands to defund the police. As usual, he was happy to talk about what BLM hates, but made a lot less sense when he tried to explain what they actually want.


Hawk Newsome is the co-founder of the Greater New York chapter of Black Lives Matter. On Sunday, he spoke to Fox News and gave some revealing insights into his organization.

  • Newsome’s main focus was on defunding police forces. He says the government should use police budgets for other ways of reducing crime, although he was vague about what those should be. He talked about “investing in people,” and giving them jobs.
  • Like many leftists, Newsome doesn’t seem to understand how the economy works and appears to believe it’s sustainable for the government to create jobs.
  • He blamed crime on people being desperate, poor and undereducated, claiming that criminals have been “left out to dry by the American system of government.”
  • It’s true that there’s a link between poverty and crime – but that doesn’t explain all crime, particularly not the gang violence that plagues American cities and is the biggest taker of the Black lives Newsome claims to care about.
  • Newsome believes crime should be treated as a public health crisis that can be remedied by spending more money on people to create opportunities. However, the biggest obstacles to some African-Americans getting on in life are family breakdown and failure in education – which won’t be helped by BLM demands that Black students are held to lower standards in exams.
  • In a self-contradictory rant against the political system, Newsome said that “Black people do not trust politicians,” then called out both the Republicans and Democrats for not doing enough to help.
  • He then went on to say Black people object to the government “overstepping its bounds,” which is hard to square with his complaints the government isn’t doing enough.
  • Host Chris Wallace asked Newsome about threats he made last week when he claimed that BLM would “burn down this system and replace it” if the US didn’t give them what they want. Backtracking, he insisted he wasn’t inciting violence, but also justified people lashing out against the system.

Overall, it’s hard to see how Newsome wants to make America better. Like most BLM activists he just seems to be angry — and demands that we all respect that.

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