Blasio Guarantees Healthcare for Illegal Aliens

Blasio Guarantees Healthcare for Illegal Aliens
Blasio Guarantees Healthcare for Illegal Aliens

New Yorkers were hit with a new threat to their wallets when city mayor, Bill de Blasi, announced the “ largest, most comprehensive plan in the nation” to provide health care to every resident, whether they’re entitled to it or not. In a move that’s set to cost taxpayers at least $100 million a year once it’s up and running, NYC will now guarantee health care to everyone – including people who shouldn’t even be in the country.


NYC mayor Bill de Blasio shook up local politics on when he announced a massive expansion of the city’s health care program. On the surface it’s a worthwhile project, to ensure everyone in the city has access to medical treatment – but, as left-wingers usually do, de Blasio has gone way too far.

  • The core of de Blasio’s plan is the city’s existing public health insurance option, MetroPlus. By strengthening this, he says, around 600,000 New Yorkers who don’t have health insurance right now will be covered.
  • So far that isn’t too controversial. Many states and large cities have health insurance options that go well beyond what’s available at a national level. If politicians want to provide health cover for legal residents, and voters agree with them, that’s democracy in action.
  • However, de Blasio wants to go further. A new program, NYC Care, will launch this summer, and it’s aimed at covering everyone in the city that isn’t eligible for health insurance. This includes the city’s population of illegal immigrants, estimated at more than 300,000 people.
  • While de Blasio has developed ambitious health programs that cover the whole population of the city, he hasn’t put as much work into funding them. That means they’ll end up being paid for NYC’s taxpayers.
  • New York state assembly member, Nicole Malliotakis, who represents Brooklyn and Staten Island, tweeted, “ Now, @nycmayor also wants them to pay for healthcare of 300,000 citizens of other countries. He must stop abusing the middle class and treating us like his personal ATM.”
  • According to official figures released by de Blasio’s office, the annual cost of insuring illegals and other non-eligible people will be at least $100 million once the policy is fully in place. Of course, like most government cost estimates, this is likely to be well below the real figure.