Black Activist Group Denounces CRT Narrative as Destructive and Divisive

Black Activist Group Denounces CRT Narrative as Destructive and Divisive

( – The world we live in today is very different than the one that Martin Luther King Jr. lived in. As with all things over time, that’s both good and bad. Today, black Americans rightly enjoy freedoms that didn’t exist for them in the 1950s. Yet, woke academics and politicians are currently rewriting history designed with an agenda in mind.

On Monday, July 17, America celebrated Martin Luther King’s birthday. It’s a day that ought to remind our country that we have come a long way, but still have a ways to go. Unfortunately, instead of striking a unifying tone that reminds America of Dr. King’s desire to improve America, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris used the occasion to indirectly push Critical Race Theory (CRT) as they attempted to make a case for their radical proposal to change US election laws. One of the most prominent black activist groups pushed back against their narrative.

Black Activists Say CRT Hurts America

A moment in history always has a context. Many historians believe that context should be adhered to instead of revised to meet a political need. Unfortunately, that runs counter-narrative to today’s toxic political environment where Democrats use race to justify their existence without offering real solutions to America’s problems.

On Monday, Biden and Harris tried to hijack Martin Luther King Day to score political points among minorities as their voter election bills fail in Congress. It’s a message based on fear that’s grounded on untruthfulness for political gain. Yet, King’s niece, Alveda King, said that her Uncle would ask modern America to focus and hold onto hope and have faith in God.

Democrats can’t have that because they need you to have faith in them to solve all your problems.

Project 21, a black activist group, pinpointed the flaws with CRT. They say that the controversial theory is the opposite of what King fought for in his time. Emery McClendon, a member of the Project 21 national advisory council, says CRT tries to make the case that only white people are systematically racist. Therefore, they are irredeemable and unforgivable. Emory pointed out that to King, a Baptist minister, that narrative runs contrary to scripture and morality.

Emory argued that Dr. King taught people to love and that the content of one’s character was important, not the color of one’s skin. It’s a message of unity irrespective of politics and doesn’t politicize race for political gain.

CRT Does More Harm Than Good

McClendon and Project 21 say that CRT does more harm than it does good. He stated that it harms black students because it teaches them they are inferior and helpless victims without a solution for change.

Regarding the government, the activist said that CRT believers embrace the notion that racism is at the heart of America. Therefore, to destroy racism, one must destroy the country. However, McClendon said their only solution is Marxism and socialism, and it’s only logical because the whole system is built on Marxist Critical Theory, which is designed to eradicate capitalism.

So, what’s the solution?

McClendon said it’s time to return to Dr. King’s message, which asks people to rise above race and define one another based on their individual character, not the color of their skin. That way, everyone can achieve success and the American Dream through hard work and determination. It also means that equal opportunity does not mean equal outcomes. The activist added that failure and struggle are part of life; successful people don’t allow failure to define them.

The question is, in an atmosphere where Democrats and the media refute the message of Dr. King and embrace wokeism, will Project 21 break through the noise?

It can, one conversation at a time if Americans welcome a respectful discussion with one another.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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