Fact Check: From Newly Released JFK Files

Bizarre Facts From Newly Released JFK Files
Bizarre Facts From Newly Released JFK Files

John F. Kennedy’s assassination is perhaps the most questioned assassination following Lincoln’s. In some circles, it prompts even more questions than Lincoln’s. The previously sealed documents confirm some suspicions and may raise questions about others. Either way, the evidence they provide certainly lends a new element to what anyone thinks they might know about the JFK assassination.


• Though Lyndon B. Johnson’s opinions on why JFK was killed are revealed in the documents, there isn’t much evidence to corroborate them. Johnson insisted JFK was assassinated in response to his order to have Ngo Dinh Diem, the Vietnamese president, assassinated. Diem was a Vietnamese leader at the time of the Vietnam War.
• The documents reveal a potential Mafia partnership with the US government. One document offers Sam Giancana as an “intermediary…hired by the CIA.” If things had gone the way they seemed to have been planned, Giancana would have been tasked with assassinating the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro.
• The Communist Party of the Soviet Union pointed their fingers at President Johnson as the orchestrator of Kennedy’s death. The leaders of the USSR were shocked at the assassination and voiced the opinion that JFK’s death had something to do with what they believed was going to be a coup attempted by far right American’s.
• J. Edgar Hoover looked to Jack Ruby, who in the same document, denied having anything to do with the assassination. The accusation and denial follow a telephone conversation with the FBI the evening before the assassination. The caller, identifying himself only as a “member of a committee,” revealed his plans to kill Lee Harvey Oswald.
• In the files are the plans for JFK’s bounty system. The system was designed for the assassination or capture of Fidel Castro, but never activated. It outlines plans to offer up to $1 million to any organization or individual who could put an end to Castro, either by death or delivery. One of the details of the plan included air raids that would disperse pamphlets advertising the bounty to the most populated areas of Cuba.
Who do you think killed JFK? Do you think it was part of a bigger conspiracy theory? Was the right man brought to justice?