Bipartisan Relief Plan Proposed

Bipartisan Relief Plan Proposed

( – As unemployment continues at historic levels, some lawmakers say it’s time to help America. In early August, negotiations between the White House and Democratic leaders stalled. Democrats weren’t willing to compromise on a bill both sides could agree on and decided the best action was to hold America hostage. A bipartisan group of lawmakers says it’s enough and is trying to force negotiators back to the table.

Rank and file House members, equally divided between 25 Democrats and Republicans, comprise the 50-member Problems Solvers Caucus. The lawmakers are submitting a $1.5-trillion bill this week in hopes of forcing the House and Senate Democratic leadership to get back to the negotiating table to pass a bill that will help struggling Americans. The bill, as written, would:

  • Offer $450 in enhanced federal unemployment benefits for eight weeks and $600 per week after through January 2021.
  • $500.3 billion in state and local aid.
  • $280 billion in direct checks to Americans – $1,200 per adult and $500 for children, including dependent adults.
  • $290 billion for small businesses and nonprofits.
  • An automatic trigger would extend unemployment benefits through February and provide another round of stimulus checks in March 2021 if COVID-19 is prohibiting economic growth.

As America tries to climb out of the economic hole, let’s hope that lawmakers can come together and help struggling Americans.

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