Bill Gates Quietly Dodged Jeffrey Epstein Questions During Q and A

Bill Gates Quietly Dodged Jeffrey Epstein Questions During Q and A

( – In the early 1990s, Bill Gates positioned Microsoft and its flagship product, Windows, as the computer industry’s top operating system. Over the years, he also became one of the wealthiest men in the world. Still, the billionaire preferred to stay out of the limelight before becoming a public figure. He created numerous foundations, and among the most leading was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The couple started the nonprofit to “learn about our origins, how we work, committed grants, careers, and our role in fighting inequities.”

Ultimately, his work with the nonprofit enterprise led him to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein. Since his death in prison in 2019, some have questioned Gates’s relationship with him. Every year, the Microsoft founder hosts a Reddit chat where he answers questions about almost everything users ask him. Still, there appears to be one topic he won’t address — his prior association with Epstein.

Gates Quietly Dodges Questions About Epstein

During the Q&A, Gates answered questions about his favorite band — U2, climate change, taxing the rich, and his ownership of farmland. Yet, he quietly ignored inquiries related to Epstein.

Users asked why he continued to have any association with the convicted pedophile against his wife’s advice and wishes. A link was posted to an article where Melinda Gates said the relationship between her husband and the sex trafficker hurt their marriage. Another asked why he funneled money through Epstein instead of his foundation. Gates refused to answer.

In March 2022, Melinda Gates, who divorced her husband, stated she didn’t like that her husband met with Epstein and how she made it very apparent to him. She said she met him one time and immediately regretted it. She called him “evil personified” and stated her heart was broken for the women who were his victims.

Melinda French Gates said it wasn’t just one thing that led to her divorce after 27 years of marriage; still, she indicated her ex-husband’s insistence on meeting with Epstein contributed.

Bill Gates Previously Said He Regretted Meetings

The media reported that Gates flew on Epstein’s plane on at least one occasion and visited his home numerous times. Still, the extent of the relationship between the two men isn’t known. A spokesperson for the foundation told a reporter many suggested he should meet with the philanthropist. They believed the billionaire financier could help with donations to the foundation.

In 2019, Gates stated he regretted meeting with Epstein and referred to the rendezvous as a “mistake in judgment.” He said he thought the discussions would result in billions of dollars in donations toward global health. He called it a “mirage.”

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