Bill Clinton Is Aiming For The Moon This Time!

Bill Clinton Claims Republicans Promote Victim Culture

Bill Clinton Claims Republicans Promote Victim Culture

( – On Tuesday, November 8, voters will head to the polls to determine the balance of power in Washington, DC, and who will sit in several state governor’s mansions. Over the last several months, Democrats have largely ignored inflation, crime, and immigration and instead focused on abortion and other social policies. It appears their strategy is failing as the RealClearPolitics’ (RCP) generic congressional vote shows Republicans with a +3 lead.

On Wednesday, November 2, former President Bill Clinton made a rare campaign appearance. He claimed the Grand Old Party (GOP) promotes victim culture and said the GOP wants Americans to feel miserable and angry. Yet, his statements come at a time when Democratic policies are littered with identity politics that try to paint LGBTQ and Black Americans as victims.

Clinton Portrays Republicans as Promoters of Victim Culture

The former president railed against the GOP, accusing them of “making everybody feel like a victim.” It comes after decades of Democrats using identity politics to try and garner votes. Regardless, Clinton stated the GOP said voters should cast a ballot for them, which would make matters worse, and then blame Democrats.

Additionally, the former commander-in-chief stated the GOP tries to turn everyone into a threat so people will vote for them. He added they believe it is always the Democrats’ fault and that they have an “us and them world.”

Still, Clinton did note that inflation and crime were too high.

The comments come after President Joe Biden has attacked so-called “MAGA ” Republicans over the last few months. He’s repeatedly stated that former President Donald Trump and his followers are extremists threatening US democracy. He has said they thrive on anger, chaos, and lies.

Hypocrisy on Center Stage

While Clinton and Biden try to make their case, many voters appear not to be buying their hypocrisy. In a Gallup poll released on Monday, October 31, 49% of respondents said the economy was an “extremely important” influence on their vote for Congress. Abortion came in at 42%, followed by crime at 40%.

Inflation continues to be problematic and is over 8%. On Wednesday, November 2, the Federal Reserve increased interest rates by another three-quarters of a point for the fourth time in a row and for the sixth time this year. Data shows home price declines are falling faster than in 2006, ahead of the Great Recession. At the same time, manufacturing has dropped to its lowest since 2020. To make matters worse, illegal immigration hit a record level as the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) reported agents encountered 2,214,652 migrants from October 2021 through September 2022.

Still, Biden and Clinton are continuing the Democratic trend of focusing on a woke agenda, LGBTQ issues, and threats to democracy. Perhaps their harsh rhetoric, combined with a lack of response to actual voter concerns, is creating unnecessary division within the country. It could also be why polls show Republican candidates could flip the House and Senate in the midterm elections.

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