Bill Barr’s REACTION After Court’s Decision!

Bill Barr Disappointed After Court Decision on John Durham Probe

Bill Barr Disappointed After Court Decision on John Durham Probe

( – Former US Attorney General Bill Barr is “disappointed” that a key figure in the Russia collusion scandal has been acquitted of lying to the FBI. However, the trial of Igor Danchenko has exposed just how much federal investigators relied on the shady Russian. It’s a disturbing picture.

Igor Danchenko, a 44-year-old Russian citizen currently living in Virginia, has a complicated past. Holding degrees from US and Russian universities, including Georgetown, he’s also been investigated by the FBI after trying to persuade colleagues to spy on the US. The FBI found that Danchenko had links to Russian intelligence officers — but they dropped the investigation anyway.

In 2017, Danchenko popped up on the FBI’s radar again. This time he was tied to British intelligence mercenary Christopher Steele, the renegade ex-SIS officer allegedly hired by the Clinton campaign to smear former President Donald Trump. Despite knowing of his Russian intelligence links, the FBI hired him as a confidential informant. In 2020, he was named as Steele’s main source for the false collusion allegations against Trump.

Last November, Danchenko was arrested and indicted after the John Durham investigation accused him of lying to the FBI about where he got his information on Trump. During his trial, it emerged that the Bureau had used him as a source in 25 separate investigations — but apparently never got suspicious about how well-connected he was. Durham has highlighted the FBI’s failure to vet Danchenko properly or to question the information he provided.

On October 18, a jury acquitted Danchenko of lying. Ex-AG Barr said, “ I was disappointed, obviously,” but praised prosecutors for making a good case. He also pointed out that the case served the public interest by exposing how deep corruption ran through the Trump collusion case.

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