Bill Barr Confirms That “Operation Legend” Led to Nearly 1,500 Arrests

Bill Barr Confirms That “Operation Legend” Led To Nearly 1,500 Arrests

( – On June 29, 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro was asleep in his father’s Kansas City, MO home when Ryson B. Ellis, 22, allegedly fired shots that killed the little boy. The child’s death was so infuriating that it prompted the DOJ to launch “Operation Legend” in violent cities across the US. On August 19, Attorney General William Barr announced an update on the law enforcement operation, and it’s a rousing success so far.

According to Barr, the DOJ charged more than 200 people with federal crimes as a result of the 6-week operation. There have been almost 1,500 arrests, and the ATF seized roughly 400 guns.

During a news conference in Kansas City, the attorney general said “more than 90 suspected killers” are now off the streets. Barr also said Operation Legend is going to continue.

Taliferro’s mom spoke at the press conference, as well. She thanked the police investigators who hunted her son’s alleged killer. Trump highlighted the little boy’s murder on August 13, holding a photo of him at a press conference. As president, he’s promised to restore law and order, and this operation is more proof he takes his promises, and this country, seriously.

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