Biden’s “Yes Men” Learn What’s Coming To Them


( – The Biden Administration has backed down over creating a biased parents council in the face of a lawsuit from angry parents. The Department of Education set up the group to “find constructive ways” for families to work with schools. It seems families prefer to engage in ways that aren’t tied to the administration’s woke agenda.

On June 14, the Education Department announced the formation of the National Parents and Families Engagement Council in response to demands from parents for more control over what schools were teaching their children. Groups represented on the Council included the National Action Network, run by controversial clergyman Rev. Al Sharpton, and others sympathetic to the administration. Several organizations linked to Black Lives Matter were also represented.

Funnily enough, parents weren’t impressed, pointing out that the Council was stuffed with administration allies who were pushing the same woke agenda parents were trying to block. Parents Defending Education, a parents’ rights group, said almost 80% of the council’s leaders are Democratic donors — and rapidly filed a lawsuit, along with several other advocacy groups, alleging that the Council was a left-wing “cabal” set up in violation of federal law. The 1972 Federal Advisory Committee Act requires that committees are balanced and transparent.

While the Education Department “disagrees” with the lawsuit, it apparently doesn’t want to test it in court. On December 5, it announced the council would be permanently disbanded immediately and won’t hold any more meetings. In return, the parents’ groups will drop their lawsuit.

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