Biden’s Tax Hike Will Likely Hurt “Hard Working Americans”

Biden's Tax Hike Will Likely Hurt

( – The nation is slowly working to beat the COVID-19 pandemic and reverse its devastating impact on the economy and jobs. Those efforts took a hit when earlier this week, the United Auto Workers (UAW) sent a letter to its members advising them Ford is moving production of a new product line from Ohio to Mexico. So what does President Biden do?

He pushes for a new tax bill that could further rattle the nation’s already fragile economy. Democrats cloak the bill behind empty rhetoric, claiming the tax hikes will only impact the wealthy.

But that’s just a liberal interpretation of the truth. As Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) noted, Biden’s proposed tax hike will “lead to fewer companies creating fewer jobs.” And she’s right. The Tax Foundation recently issued a report on the Biden plan.

Its analysis showed that Biden’s beloved tax hike would eliminate tens of thousands of jobs, decrease wages, impact future investment, and undermine America’s ability to compete in global markets.

Here’s the bottom line. Faced with increased taxes, American companies like Ford will continue moving operations out of the US, leaving hard-working Americans standing in unemployment lines — or applying for passports.

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