Biden’s SCOTUS Pick Heavily Funded By Dark Money

Biden's SCOTUS Pick Heavily Funded By Dark Money

( – Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer confirmed his upcoming retirement on January 27, and the proverbial sh** has already hit the fan. President Joe Biden is taking heat for his vow to limit potential replacements to Black women, and recent reports indicate radical leftist groups are using dark money to solidify that promise further.

On Monday, February 7, media outlets began reporting two Democratic groups were spending millions of dollars of dark money as part of an effort to sway public opinion regarding Biden’s potential nominee. Brian Fallon, the executive director for Demand Justice, recently told reporters selecting a Black woman to serve would be a “history-making moment.”

For those unfamiliar with the term, dark money refers to money spent by groups operating as 501(c)(4) organizations. Current federal election laws don’t require them to reveal the names of their donors, even if they use the money to influence elections and other political causes.

In this instance, Building Back Together and Demand Justice activist groups have reportedly made their intentions clear: they aim to use public sentiment to make sure Biden’s pick, a Black woman, makes it to the nation’s highest court. Never mind the obvious need to pick the most suitable jurist for the job.

Do you think these two leftist money sources can actually influence the public enough for Biden to make good on his campaign promise?

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