Biden’s Plan Could Limit Meat Consumption for Americans

Biden's Plan Could Limit Meat Consumption for Americans

( – President Biden wants to commit the US to a radical “green new deal” that would massively expand the government and cost trillions of dollars. Skeptics claim the technology to make it happen doesn’t even exist; economists say it would crash living standards. But the impact of the crazed environmentalist revolution could be even worse than that.

A hypothetical reduction study released by sustainability experts at the University of Michigan says that meeting Biden’s climate target – cutting US carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 – could mean savage restrictions on how much meat we can eat. If emissions are cut evenly across all sectors, the carbon from food production will also need to fall by half, meaning meat might almost disappear from our diet, depending on how cuts are made.

The U of M researchers say that a 50% cut in farming emissions could mean eliminating 90% of the red meat and poultry from our diet. Under their proposed scenario, the average American would consume merely 50 pounds of meat and poultry per year — less than a pound per week — resulting in far too many meatless Mondays… and every other weekday.

So far, Biden’s proposals don’t include any restrictions on meat – but they don’t contain much detail on anything, and that carbon reduction has to come from somewhere. It could be coming from your dinner plate.

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