Biden’s New Policies Could Cost America Millions of Jobs

Biden's New Policies Could Cost America Millions of Jobs

( – With Democrats controlling both the House and the Senate, it seems Joe Biden plans on instituting aggressive new policy initiatives and legislation, particularly regarding the traditional energy sector. He plans to reenter the controversial Paris Climate Agreement, hopes to develop carbon-free electricity by 2035 and achieve net-zero emissions in the energy sector by 2050.

However, as One America News Network (OANN) reported on January 19, those plans will come at the expense of millions of jobs in the long term unless Republicans thwart them.

To put this issue into perspective, the nation’s traditional energy sector provides nearly 7 million jobs, according to the most recent US Energy and Employment Report. In 2019, the conventional energy sector created over 100,000 news jobs representing roughly 7% of all the new jobs created nationwide.

Fortunately, the Senate’s balance of power is an equal split, and Democrats only control the House by a razor-thin margin. Republicans would only need to turn a nominal number of Democrats in either body to block efforts to shut down energy sector opportunities.

We’ll be watching.

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