Biden’s MESSAGING Strategy Shows What He Expects Next!

Biden's Messaging Shows He's Ready To Get Clobbered in Midterms

Biden’s Messaging Shows He’s Ready To Get Clobbered in Midterms

( – With the midterm elections only a week away, Democrats are scrambling to sway voters to embrace another two years of their control of the House and Senate despite the odds. They pulled former President Barack Obama out of the closet, dusted him off, and sent him to Georgia last week. He’s slated to visit Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin in the next few days. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s messaging shows he’s prepared for the party to lose — big time.

On October 27, the Daily Caller posted a pre-mortem analysis of the Democrats’ contribution to their anticipated election day losses. White House correspondent Diana Glebova reported that economists told her Biden’s recent rhetoric surrounding the nation’s failed economy indicates his party is “already planning on losing the midterms.”

Instead of addressing the failures of his own administration or providing solutions to out-of-control inflation, Biden has changed his messaging towards Republicans as part of an apparent effort to lure voters into voting for Democratic candidates.

For instance, in recent weeks, Biden has employed scare tactics, warning voters that Republicans will push inflation upward and “crash the economy” if they gain control of Congress.

Ej Antoni, a Heritage Foundation research fellow, told the Daily Caller that Biden’s latest messaging strategy involves shifting responsibility for the upcoming economic recession onto the shoulders of Republicans. He says Biden and his accomplices are “setting up” the GOP to shoulder the blame for Democratic-led failures “when the bill comes due.”

What do you think? Will the voters send Democrats an eviction notice in the upcoming elections?

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