Biden’s HHS Hints at Extending Emergency Order

Biden's HHS Hints at Extending Emergency Order

Biden Admin Set To EXTEND Emergency Order!

( – President Joe Biden and his crack team of healthcare advisors and agencies have increasingly come under fire for sending mixed signals to the American people. For example, on August 11, the CDC issued a press release announcing the agency was relaxing its COVID-19 guidelines. However, in an apparent about-face, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) hints it might extend its pandemic-related emergency order.

On January 21, 2021, then-acting HHS Secretary Norris Cochran sent a letter to the nation’s governors advising his department would provide them a 60-day notice before terminating his predecessor’s declaration that a “public health emergency exists.”

Sec. Alex Azar first issued the determination on January 31, 2020, and like clockwork — it’s been extended every three months since. Most recently, Biden’s new HHS head, Xavier Becerra, renewed it on July 15, 2022, and if he follows the long-standing pattern, he will renew it again in mid-October.

Here’s the thing — to meet that 60-day deadline, he needed to advise the states of his plan to terminate the program by August 15. As it turned out, that deadline quietly passed without a whisper from Becerra or his office.

Does that mean he will extend the declaration in mid-October? Who knows. But, if the secretary honors Cochran’s 2021 promise to the nation’s governors, it appears the decision has already been made to prolong it.

Perhaps, the better question to ask is why he would do so in light of the CDC’s decision to back off on its approach to COVID-19. After all, a public health emergency declaration gives the HHS Secretary a wide array of powers like deploying military trauma centers, temporarily reassigning state and local personnel, limiting health care professionals’ liability, and other extraordinary measures.

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